little bit of pink



As it snows outside and remains C-O-L-D, I am finding Joy in my “little bit of pink”  inside the warmth of my home.  So as I sit with my hot cup of tea, gazing out on all that snow, my “little bit of pink” brings me Hope that Spring IS just around the corner.  ♥donna

Words About Me


Recently I had a group of friends and family come over for a Willow House Party (formerly Southern Living at Home).  Before the demonstration began, everyone was asked to say their name and come up with a word to describe me.  Then yesterday a friend posted a little game on Facebook where you had to describe a person using the the third letter of your own name – fun! These word games have filled me with so much gratitude towards my friends. It just affirms our friendship and what I mean to them.  So I was thinking, “How can I treasure these beautiful words?”  I Googled “collage of words” and found  Cute program and so easy to use. I typed in all the words that were written to describe me, played with the layout, color and font, and came up with this:

Wordle: About Me 2

Thank you my dear friends for the beautiful words!

Climb Out of Your Laundry Basket


Whites, jeans, colors, towels, sheets… the laundry just never ends.  Is this all life has to offer me?  This is a question that most of us ask ourselves sometime during our life.  Sometimes we ask it over and over again.  But just asking and not doing something about it will keep you inside that “laundry basket”.

That’s why I started a vision board.  The theory is, when you visualize something and look at it day after day, through the power of the Law of Attraction, your dream or goal will happen.  In some way I have always believed this.  I have pictures of  my “dream” kitchens and “dream” homes posted inside my kitchen cabinets. I have lists of “wants” on my refrigerator or bathroom mirror. I cut pictures from magazines of “dream” vacations, furniture, gardens, and stuff them in my “dream” file.  Recently I have gathered all these things together and glued them to my vision board. Then I posted my board on the wall in the master bathroom, where I see it every morning and every evening. My vision boards makes me really happy. I love to take some time each morning and truly see it.  It jump starts my day!

I believe it’s working. For example: I wanted lighter cabinets in the kitchen. Well, maybe I don’t have brand new cabinets, but today I have cream colored cabinets. I painted them myself. Without a vision, I might not have started that project.

The pictures are great, but now the next step is to create a plan. I’ve talked with friends, I’ve searched the internet, I’ve made lists. Each day I take a step closer to my vision. Tonight I sent a request to a rug company to open a wholesale account.  Yesterday I sent an email to a company to see if they were intersted in creating beach totes. Tomorrow I’ll work on my website more to create a story and store.

My vision board makes me feel so good when looking at it, that I want to share it with others. My good friend Tammy and I have inspired each other. We put the laundry basket down once a week and meet to share our ideas and inspirations.  Join us and create  your vision board today. Then share it with me!

Create a Fresh Start for yourself today!
“You don’t have to be good to start, but you have to start to be good.”  — Joe Sabah

What’s Your Favorite Part of the Day?


My husband and I ask our two boys this questions every night before bed. There are several reasons for this. One is for them to remember something they did during the day, then other reason was to feel positive at the end of the day – too many times they were remembering something “bad”, like not being able to play a computer game that day. Funny how our negative thoughts so easily out weigh the positive.  We seem to have to make more effort to remember something good.  I’ve read once that it takes more muscles to smile than to frown.  Therefore, we need to make positive reinforcements to the brain a more conscious effort.

Today I decided to start a Gratitude Journal for myself. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, but it took a picture I posted on Facebook today to realize how lucky I am. This past weekend my family spent Easter with my parents. We took a few car rides together and I ended up in the front seat of the car between my Mom and Dad! Well, we all had a good time with that and my husband snapped a photo of me sitting up there “happy as a clam”.  Mom was smiling big too. Here I am about to turn 49 this year, sitting between Mom and Dad in the front seat of the car… my boys were loving that!

Me and Mom

So, I posted this picture on Facebook and it was the comments that made me step back and realize how grateful I should be.  They all said that I was “lucky” to still be able to to that. How sad for my friends who have lost a parent or both parents. That’s when it hit me – I need to begin that Gratitude Journal that I’ve been “thinking” about.  So today, my first entry is: “I’m grateful for my parents and the opportunity to be a little girl again, sitting in the front seat of the car, snuggled safely between Mom and Dad.”

What are you grateful for today?


Hello world!


Wow, my first post!  This picture is so me right now.  I’m sitting in my home, with my laptop, and my new wood floors, and all the ideas and thoughts of what I can do with this website floating all around my head like these daisies! This is so exciting!

A few months ago, I started a blog on Blogger but only shared it with my husband. Recently I’ve shared it with my good friend Tammy.  Now I’m going to start sharing with the world! I have ideas, quotes, pictures and more to share and this is just the beginning. Tonight I’m floating in happiness with my daisies – which is my favorite flower by the way – had them at my wedding reception and named my cat Daisy!

Hopefully, you’ll stop by often, leave me notes and share me with your friends.  See you again soon!