What’s Your Favorite Part of the Day?


My husband and I ask our two boys this questions every night before bed. There are several reasons for this. One is for them to remember something they did during the day, then other reason was to feel positive at the end of the day – too many times they were remembering something “bad”, like not being able to play a computer game that day. Funny how our negative thoughts so easily out weigh the positive.  We seem to have to make more effort to remember something good.  I’ve read once that it takes more muscles to smile than to frown.  Therefore, we need to make positive reinforcements to the brain a more conscious effort.

Today I decided to start a Gratitude Journal for myself. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, but it took a picture I posted on Facebook today to realize how lucky I am. This past weekend my family spent Easter with my parents. We took a few car rides together and I ended up in the front seat of the car between my Mom and Dad! Well, we all had a good time with that and my husband snapped a photo of me sitting up there “happy as a clam”.  Mom was smiling big too. Here I am about to turn 49 this year, sitting between Mom and Dad in the front seat of the car… my boys were loving that!

Me and Mom

So, I posted this picture on Facebook and it was the comments that made me step back and realize how grateful I should be.  They all said that I was “lucky” to still be able to to that. How sad for my friends who have lost a parent or both parents. That’s when it hit me – I need to begin that Gratitude Journal that I’ve been “thinking” about.  So today, my first entry is: “I’m grateful for my parents and the opportunity to be a little girl again, sitting in the front seat of the car, snuggled safely between Mom and Dad.”

What are you grateful for today?


One thought on “What’s Your Favorite Part of the Day?

  1. Tammy Vitela

    Donna, I love the sentiments in this entry. . . and the visual of you sitting between your Mom and Dad. Some things really are just priceless.

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